Advice For Photography In Antarctica

Giant ZipLock Freezer Bags

Condensation ruins cameras. After a couple of hours outside your cam gets really cold, I used truly large ziplock bags to put all my gear in prior to I went back inside the ship. Make sure to put the cam in the bag and zip it up before going inside and dispell all of the air out of them.
Bring 2 Camera Bodies
I used Canon 5D MKII and Canon rebel T4i. That method I might shoot the massive landscape landscapes, however quickly change cameras to capture a whale that unexpectedly surfaces or a penguin off in the distance.
Bracket your shots

Typically you video cameras meter has a difficult time checking out snow and this can lead to the dreadful “grey snow” result. Typically 3 or 5 brackets at an interval of 1 to 2 stops will cover you so that you can get that crisp white snow. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure attempt and utilize you video cameras area meter.
Think about showing Scale
With big icebergs and huge land formations revealing a sense of scale can really offer the audience a sense of what it resembles to be there. By positioning kayaks, individuals or wildlife in the frame it will assist to translate the sheer size of the environment you are in. You can likewise utilize the ship or zodiac to communicate this information. This shot with the seal and the ship in the background truly gives you a sense of how large those surrounding icebergs actually are.
Come down low to picture penguins
I found that getting as low as you can and putting them against the background works really well. Many individuals utilize a long lens to achieve this however if you are patient adequate and let them come to you then you are able to use your broad lens and capture more of the surrounding location and give the vier a sense of place.
Bring a dry bag
Integrate that with the salt water and it can destroy your electronic camera. I made sure to bring a dry bag to store all my gear when I was on the Zodiac however also had my video cameras in an Op/Tech rain sleeve which are very low-cost and do the task.
Know your settings
This indicates that while you are on the zodiac heading out for the day and prior to the humpback whales begin appearing, make sure you have your cam on the ideal settings. Understanding your cam and how to use it in different situations will assist you bring back the best shots possible.